Ski school Ortisei - Ski & Snowboard School Ortisei in Val Gardena
Live the dream with the ski & snowboard school Ortisei

Ski school Ortisei - Snowboard School Ortisei in Val Gardena

Beat for beat. Pure adventure. Unique experience on the slopes with the Ortisei / Val Gardena Ski & Snowboard School

Fascinating tors, steep ridges. The scent of winter in your nostrils. Fresh powdery snow beneath streamlined edges. Turn for turn. Unlimited freedom between the Dolomite peaks. Whatever it is you have planned, we'll be there to help! With over 100 local, professional ski instructors, winter sports courses individually tailored to you and the joint anticipation of unforgettable experiences on the slopes amidst the impressive natural scenery of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

Welcome to the Ortisei/Val Gardena Ski School Snow Academy!
Alpine Skiing - Snowboarding - Cross-Country Skiing - Freeriding - Fun Carving - Telemarking - Ski Guiding

Ski & Snowboard Rental
When the snow is calling, but you don't have the right winter sports equipment, then we have just what you need! The four ski rental shops of the Ortisei Ski & Snowboard School offer a large selection of skiing and snowboarding equipment for young and old alike!

Pure skiing emotion!

Discover our tailor-made skiing and snowboarding courses for children, teens and adults here

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